How Do In-House Financing Car Dealers Work?

How Do In-House Financing Car Dealers Work?

Are you in need of a new vehicle but are struggling to get approved for auto financing at lenders in your area? In-house financing car dealers can help you get the reliable transportation you need in Phoenix! But before you start searching for “in-house financing car dealers near me,” you’ll need to learn more about how in-house financing car lots work. Rocky’s Auto Credit’s finance center is here to explain in-house financing and help you get approved for a loan.

What Does In-House Financing Mean?

You’ll often hear in-house financing car dealers referred to as “buy here, pay here” dealers. If you have bad or no credit, some lenders in Glendale may decline your loan applications because they see too much risk for themselves. In-house financing car lots operate on their own terms, meaning their requirements to get a car loan can be more lax. If you purchase a vehicle with a loan from a buy here, pay here dealership, it means the dealer’s in-house financing car lots is lending you the money, and you’ll be making your payments directly to the dealer.

Is In-House Financing a Good Idea?

You may be able to secure a better interest rate with in-house financing, saving you money in the long run. Typically, the approval process for in-house financing is faster than with other lenders, so you can get behind the wheel sooner. Other benefits of in-house financing lot purchases include:

  • Easier requirements to meet
  • Availability of extended warranty protection
  • Potentially lower interest rates
  • Paying off the loan can help raise your credit score

Tips for Pursuing In-House Financing

If you intend to look for “in-house financing car dealers near me,” there are some tips you should keep in mind, so you don’t end up at a shady institution. Dealerships like Rocky’s Auto Credit uphold their reputation with a transparent financing process that includes no tricks, but not all buy here, pay here dealerships uphold the same standards. Here are some red flags to look out for:

  • The dealership says you can drive home in your new car before you’ve agreed and signed on a payment term
  • The dealership doesn’t report to any major credit bureau
  • After you leave the dealership with your vehicle, they contact you claiming that your financing “fell through” or that your interest rate has grown

You can have total confidence when you go through Rocky’s Auto Credit as your in-house financing car dealer near Tempe. Our goal is to help every customer who visits us succeed in getting a workable finance plan on a vehicle they love.

Does In-House Financing Effect My Credit?

In-house financing can positively impact your credit score. Purchasing a used car at Rocky’s Auto Credit will give you a means to rebuild your credit because we report monthly payments to the credit bureaus regularly. If you have any questions about whether in-house financing is the right decision for you, be sure to visit us today!

Apply Today with Rocky’s Auto Credit

Hoping to save by securing in-house financing on a used car? Rocky’s Auto Credit has a wide inventory of pre-owned vehicles in Mesa, AZ, and Glendale, AZ, so there’s something for every budget. Contact us today to learn more about in-house financing with us or to learn about the flexible payment options we offer.


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